Load testing is a word that came about with the advancement of technology especially in the side of computing and software. It is a mechanism that is used to determine how a system would behave under normal and extreme solution. Load testing determines the intensity of normal operation by an application and at the same time determines the loop holes that might be giving it the inefficiency it might be exhibiting and the possible remedy.

Load testing on extreme situations melts and in comes a term called stress-testing. This is a condition that is obtained when the load in the system is too much and not to the expected level. This is done to determine the response that is presented by the system when it is Subjected to extreme condition. The problem has always however been the idea of lack of specific point when load testing eventually turns into stress testing. What is the precise distinction between load testing and stress testing? There has been great misconception and confusion as to the difference between the two terminologies in computing.

However much we understand that one of them is as a result of too much of the other, light still needs to be shed so as understanding is reached. It is faithful to put it that load testing begins immediately the system is deemed functional. It is just the performance of a system under normal world condition. An example of load testing (such as LoadView-Testing) would include computers used in banks as it allows many users who are trying to access same information to utilize the application. The importance of load testing, therefore, includes the fact that it portrays at an early stage the defects that are bound to be incurred during the use of the program. Such errors would include things like memory fatigue and jamming of the system.

Stress loading on the side is the literal stressing of the system. So much that if the system were a drum to be beaten, the intensity of the rhythm of beating would increase with stress testing than it is on load testing. This could be using extending the number of hours the system would function and increase the number of users who are using the system at a go.